Dog Brushes

Dog brushes are grooming essentials that help remove loose hair and tangles. Pet Street Mall offers a wide assortment of brushes for any type of dog’s hair. No matter what type of coat your dog has, we surely have the right dog grooming brush to keep him well-groomed all day long! Aside from dog brushes, we also offer cat brushes to manage your cat’s delicate hair. Included in our pet grooming brushes are the following: self cleaning brush, wire mink brush, nylon bristle brush, combo pin & bristle brush and cat bristle brush. Whatever the condition of your pet’s hair, our combination brushes and pin brushes are the best tools to groom your pet.

Grooming Dog Brushes

Just like human, your dog or cat needs to be properly groomed. Aside from keeping your pets away from diseases, grooming is another way to increase their confidence. This is also a good way for you to spend quality time with your pets. Aside from that, grooming your pets using our brushes will keep their hair shiny and free from parasites like fleas. If your dog needs to be shaved, try to do it first before brushing. This will add beauty to your dogs while keeping their hair healthy and tangle free. At the same time, we always remind pet owners to comb and brush their dog and cat first before bathing. Doing so will prevent mats from getting worse.

In order for you to get the right type of brush for your pet, you must know first the type of your pet’s hair. For dogs with short coats that include breeds like German shorthaired pointer, Jack Russell and the likes, soft bristle dog brushes are the most suitable brush for them. Using soft bristle brushes can remove away the tangles and distribute the natural oil throughout your dogs’ fur. Since soft bristles are gentle, dogs will feel comfortable while being brushed. Pets with medium coat must be groomed using a wire or slicker brush. Pin brushes from Pet Street Mall are intentionally created with small thin wires to do an exceptional job of brushing out the loose hair and undercoat of your lovable pet. Our combination brushes which contain pin and bristle brush are the prefect grooming tools for medium hair. For the comfort of your dog, our combination dog brushes are provided with plastic coat on the tip just like in our wire mink brush so that the metal pin will not hurt your dog. And for dogs like Shih Tzu, Collie and similar breeds with long coats, the best dog brush to use to keep their coats sleek and healthy is the nylon bristle brush with wire slicker. Since nylon is a durable yarn, it can withstand the long coats of your dog even when you use it everyday for brushing. Certainly, Pet Street Mall has all the kinds of brushes for any breed of dog.

Aside from the fact that it can give you more savings because you will never have to pay for pet groomers, we can assure you that your dog’s physical condition will also benefit from it. Brushing and grooming your dog everyday will keep him free from dirt and tangles, and can accurately distribute the skin oils throughout his coat. Aside from the physical aspect, dogs will also benefit emotionally. Your regular way of brushing and focusing on the appearance of your dog will simply make him emotionally inclined with you. This only means that dogs will learn to trust humans, overcome their fears and experience the pleasure of having a caring pet owner. Brushing your dog’s hair regularly will make him a well-groomed pet that you will surely love forever. So, buy one of our dog brushes today and start grooming your pet with ease.

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