Flea Combs for your Pet

A Flea Comb is an excellent pesticide-free method of removing fleas from your pet. Your pet's first line of defense against fleas regular use of a flea comb and a good bath. Though time consuming, combing with a specially designed flea comb helps reduce the need for insecticides. Flea combs works by catching the fleas in the very narrow gaps between the teeth. Flea combs play an important role in flea prevention. See for yourself the difference Flea Combs make.

Flea Combs

Flea Comb Information

Want to know the best method for using a Flea Comb to remove fleas? Use the flea comb while outside and keep a container of soapy water nearby for drowning the fleas or comb your pet while in a bathtub where you can rinse the fleas down the drain. Start by running the flea comb gently through your pet's coat. After each run through, dunk the flea comb in the water and leave any fur caught by the flea comb in the water. The soapy water will kill the fleas. Continue this procedure until the entire pet has been combed, making sure to comb their underside as well. Flea combs can be used every day when fleas are bad. Flea combs can help to prevent fleas from entering the house when used before the pet enters the home. What are you waiting for? Keep you pet happy, healthy, and free of fleas with a Flea Comb Today!

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