FURminator for Small Pets

    Guaranteed to reduce shedding in small dogs better than any brush, comb or rake
  • FURminator for small pets has a 1.75" deshedding edge
  • Recommended for small dogs and cats
  • Reduces shedding up to 90 percent
  • Works great on all shedding, long and short haired small dogs
  • Brings out the toy dog’s natural oils, while giving healthier skin and a shiny topcoat
  • Great for Pet Parents with allergies to small dogs, the FURminator will greatly reduce airborne elements from shedding.
FURminator for Small Dogs and Cats
Regular Price - $36.99
Sale Price - $29.99

The FURminator is perfect for all small and toy dogs along with cats, whether they are long haired or shorthaired. FURminator for small dogs has a 1.75 inch blade and the teeth and angles are specially designed just for small and toy dogs. If you have used any other shedding brush, comb, or rake before you will be amazed by the FURminator the first time you use it. What so amazing about the FURminator for small dogs is it doesn’t cut the hair, it just gently removes the loose, dead fur and leaves your toy dog with amazing skin and a shiny coat! Pet parents with small dogs are excited about the FURminator for small dogs because it reduces shedding up to 90%! Which is great if you’re a Pet parent with allergies, because this will cut back on the amount of airborne elements from the shedding process.

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