Extra Tall Clearview Pet Gate

  • Fits openings 26-42" wide
  • Extra strong, Hard-to-climb barrier
  • 32" tall
  • Great for tall and jumping dogs
  • Sturdy hardwood frame
  • double wall see-through plastic panes
  • Made in the USA
Height Span Barrier Type Type
32" 26" - 42" see-through plastic panes Pressure Mounted
Extra Tall Clearview Pet Gate
Regular Price - $69.99
Sale Price - $42.95

The Extra Tall Clearview Pet Gate is a great pet gate that limits your pet's access to unsafe areas and areas where your dog might get into trouble. A sturdy, solid plastic panel prevents dogs from climbing over it, so you can feeel comfortable knowing that your dog can't get past this dog gate. Sturdy hardwood frame with double wall see-through plastic panes. Opening sizes marked for easy installation and set up. Made in the USA.

    Installation Instructions: No tools required.
  • Measure the width of the opening where your gate will be used.
  • While holding the gate with the locking bar toward you, lift the locking bar and slide the locking pin into the slot that matches the opening size.
  • Push down on locking bar. This should put pressure on the 4 rubber bumpers holding the gate in place. If the gate is still loose in the opening, move the locking pin to the next slot until you get a good solid fit in the opening. Do not force the locking bar down. This could put too much pressure on the gate causing damage to the opening, the gate or both. (The locking bar will have a slight bow. However, if the bow is large, ease off one slot, making sure it still has a good solid hold in the opening.
  • To pen the gate, simply pull up on the locking bar.
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