DogTek NoBark Static Bark Control Collar

  • Fully Automatic Collar
  • Progressive Static Corrections
  • Easy-To-Use
  • Easy-to-adjust Collar
  • 3 Month Battery life from the CR2 Lithium Battery
  • Lightweight (2 oz)
  • One Year Warranty

The DOGTEK NoBark Static provides a humane and effective
solution helping to put an end to excessive, nuisance barking.

DogTek NoBark Static Bark Control Collar
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Replacement 3 Volt Battery

Regular Price - $7.99
Sale Price - $4.99

DogTek NoBark Static Bark Control Collar Information:

The collar which is made of nylon is fully adjustable from 6-22 inches so it can fit most breeds of dogs. The receiver only weighs 2 oz so it’s lightweight and won’t feel heavy on your pet. This collar is recommended for dogs over 8lbs. The collar works off of vibration sensors which can tell when your dog is barking. This is done so that any external noise like other dogs won’t set off the corrections. The collar will first sound a warning beep and then if the barking continues the static correction will begin and continue to increase as long as the barking persists.

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