Is your curious canine out of control? Is he or she difficult to train? You're not alone in this. Lots of pets just don't respond well to old training methods, which is why so many pet owners and professional trainers are using the DogTek Canicom to help them with their training. A dog that is out-of-control is a potential risk to themselves and others. The DogTek Canicom will help you achieve your goal of having a well behaved pet within days.

The DogTek Canicom universal training collar weighs less than 3 oz and that includs the internal 3 v lithium battery. Not only that, but the collar is totally waterproof and shockproof to withstand a normal active pet's lifestyle. The durable and adjustable collar will fit all neck sizes up to 20 inches.

You might be asking yourself how this device works. It is to be used side by side with your vocal training commands; your DogTek Canicom trainer will assist you by transmitting a combination of beeps and/or electric impulses to the canine via the specially crafted collar. The beauty of this training method is not in the power (we suggest using lowest setting required to get attention) but in the immediacy of the command given. This device allows you to give a corrective command even at a great distance away. As we all know: an immediate command is an effective command.

As you progress through the training your dog will learn to associate the trigger commands with the electric impulses. Over time you will be able to reduce the need for and eventually disable the impulses - by using only the beep function. After your dog had successfully finished their training you can dispense with the collar altogether. (As an alternative, a dummy collar can be used at this stage.)