DogTek NoBark Sonic Bark Control Collar

    • 3 Operating Modes
    • Ultrasound & Vibration
    • Adjustable Bark Sensor
    • Easy-to-adjust Collar
    • Lightweight (2 oz)
    • Water resistant
    • Lifetime Limited Warranty
DogTek NoBark Sonic Bark Control Collar

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The DOGTEK NoBark Sonic Control Collar utilizes vibrations and ultrasonic sounds together to create the most humane and effective option for training your pets that they are not allowed to bark all day. Due to its lightweight and compact collar it is most advisable for use with smaller sized pets even though it should be effective on many larger breeds. There is some degree of a learning curve for any type of training you’re putting your pet through. However with the DOGTEK NoBark Sonic Control Collar your part in the training is minimal to non existent because the system does all the work so your presence is not needed, but you should test it on your pet before leaving them alone with the collar on for lengthy periods of time. This is because not all pets will react the same way, on occasion a pet may become frightened and bark more as a result of the stimulation. For the most part they understand rather quickly the correlation between their barking and the vibration/sound combination occurring and cease barking. Check out the package contents below as well. A couple things to note are the user manual which will walk you through the use of the collar so you get the most out of your purchase and the included battery so you won’t have to run off and get one DOGTEK has included it with your device.DOGTEK is always seeking new and innovative solutions for you and your pet so be sure to check out their other products well sell by searching DOGTEK above.

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