DogTek NoBark Elite Bark Control Collar

  • Completely Waterproof
  • 4 Different Operating Modes
  • Easy-to-adjust Collar
  • Progressive Corrections
  • 3 Month Battery life from the CR2 Lithium Battery
  • Lightweight (3 oz)
  • One Year Warranty

The DOGTEK NoBark Elite provides a humane and effective
solution helping to put an end to excessive, nuisance barking.

DogTek NoBark Elite Bark Control Collar

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Replacement 3 Volt Battery

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This elite, highly-featured bark control collar is triggered by the vibration of your dog’s vocal cords; the collar will first give the dog a warning beep and then progressive static corrections. Since this collar senses your dogs throat vibration rater than the actual noise of the bark you can rest assured foreign noises or other dogs barks will not set off this collar. This collar is 100% waterproof, so feel free to let your dog fully submerge the collar in water. Adjust the sensitivity (1-10) of the collar via the knob located on the front of the collar. This will allow you to adjust the collar to pick up different vibrations frequency’s which is great depending on your size of dog. The collar strap will adjust from 6-22 inches which will fit most breeds of dogs. The NoBark Elite is a very compact and lightweight collar (3oz) and is recommend for dogs 6lbs or larger.

    Four Operating Modes:
  • Beep Sounds Only
  • Beep Sounds + Light Stimulation (Small / Sensitive Dog)
  • Beep Sounds + Progressive Stimulation (Low to High)
  • Beep Sounds + Strong Stimulation (Large / Stubborn Dog)

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