Dog Slicker Brushes

Dog slicker brushes are another dog grooming device made with fine and extra soft wire slicker bristles. This slicker brush is used to remove the tangles and dead hair of your pet. Pet Street Mall is proud to offer you these amazing slicker brushes. These are actually versatile brushes with comfortable and non-slip handle for maximum grip. This is the kind of dog brush that allows full service grooming. It won’t only make your dog’s coat smooth and tangle-free, but will also help remove the fleas and other parasites. Having fine teeth makes this dog grooming tool the most favorite grooming device for dog and cat.

Dog Slicker Brushes

Dog slicker brushes provide high quality and long lasting performance. These brushes are ideal to use in-between bathing to maintain the smoothness of your dog’s coat and reduce the shedding. Many veterinarians and professional groomers recommend our dog slicker brushes because they have seen a great difference to the appearance of their dog after using this kind of brush. For them, dog slicker brushes keep dogs healthy by maintaining a clean and vibrant coat. Using this brush, the natural oil will be spread throughout your dog’s fur. This only means that after brushing, your dog is sure to have a healthier and shinier fur.

Regular brushing can also reduce the cause of flaking, dander and flea infestation. It can also massage your dog’s body while removing the falling hair. Whether short or long hair, dog slicker brushes effectively collect the falling hair like a magnet. Dog slicker brushes are lightweight and easy to use. This type of dog brush will not scratch or damage you dog’s coat and skin. This is the best dog brush on the market today that gives superb control in maintaining the healthy root of your dog’s hair while removing the fleas and debris.

We also want your cats to be well-groomed that’s why we offer the cat slicker brush. It has the same function with the dog slicker brushes. The bristles of this brush are safe and polished at the tip to prevent damage on your cat’s undercoat. Truly, dog slicker brushes and cat slicker brush are recommended for pets with long and thick hair. So if you want a safer and more gentle brush for your pet’s delicate hair, try to use dog slicker brushes and you and your dog will be worry-free!

Here are the best features of our dog slicker brushes:

- Dog slicker brushes are gentle to any types of hair.
- Dog slicker brushes help remove loose hair or debris from the coat.
- Dog slicker brushes are also considered as the best grooming tool to take good care of your dog and cat’s coat due to their flea and fine combs.
- Dog slicker brushes help remove the tangles, dead hair and prevent breakage while distributing the natural oils throughout the coat.

Certainly, we have all the kinds of slicker brushes for your pet, whether dog or cat. These brushes are made of the highest quality so they are worth your money. These slicker dog brushes are needed to complete your grooming essentials for your pet. Buy a dog slicker brush today and your pet will definitely love it.

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