Dog Seat Belt - The PetBuckle Travel Kit
    The Complete Travel Kit comes with:
    1) Pet Seat Belt Travel Harness.

    2) Retro-Connect Adapter to attach to the current Car Seat Belt.
    3) Kwik-Connect Tether to attach to the Seat Round Bar.

    4) Convenient Storage Bag for all Items.
PetBuckle Travel Kit - Universal Fit - for pet 20lbs +
Regular Price - $59.99
Sale Price - $44.99

The PetBuckle dog seat belt is safety harness for your dog. This easy to use restraint protects your pet during car travel. Works with car seat belt or latch bar tether. The harness is made of automotive quality seat belt webbing, buckles, and adjusters, and has been crash tested to insure safety. It's comfortable and convenient, with a loop and a ring on the back for attaching a latch bar tether or leash. Small size fits dogs under 20 pounds.

The storage bag will fit in your glove box or under the seat and hold all of the Travel Kit items. Be sure to measure your dogs chest for a proper fit. This is a very durable quality product which Features car quality seat belt buckles. The system, unlike others, is easy to put on your dog and adjusts easily for any vehicle. We recommend using two Petbuckle Kwik-Connect tethers for pets over 100lbs.

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