Dog Seat Belt Harness

Universal PetBuckle Travel Harness - Fits dogs 20 lbs to 150 lbs
  • Features seat belt quality buckles, latches and adjusters.
  • Most convenient harness on the market. Fast and easy to put on, adjust and take off.
  • Strong 1.5" wide web provides durability and comfort.
  • Can be used with tether system, or with any automotive seat belt.
  • Four adjustable sizes to choose from for a proper fit.
Universal PetBuckle Travel Harness - Fits dogs 20 lbs to 150 lbs
Regular Price - $34.95
Sale Price - $24.95

Thoroughly researched and tested, Pet Buckle's canine harness keeps the dog you love riding along while braking or turning, and affords the best protection in extreme situations. It easily attaches to any vehicle's seatbelt system and is fully adjustable to fit securely around the dog's chest and shoulders. It also includes a built-in short walking lead for all-around use. And did we mention that it looks great?

The harnesses are available in four different adjustable sizes to fit dogs 20lbs to 150 lbs. and are machine washable.

Pictured to the left is the harness with the kwik connect tether (sold separately). The kwik connect tether allows you to connect your dog with the harness on, to the seat belt or the latch bar found in newer vehicles.

The picture to the right shows the tether connected to a seatbelt. It can also be attached to the latch bar which is included on newer vehicles. The latch bar is found inbetween the seat and its back.

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