Reflective Safety Vest

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Fluorescent orange with reflective tape
  • Great for jogging, walking and hunting at night
  • Safety Vest keeps your pet visible at night
  • Easily attaches to collar
Reflective Safety Vest
For pets over 18 lbs.
Regular Price - $16.99
Sale Price - $12.99

Outward Hound

Dog Safety Vests are an often overlooked essential for pet owners. We go to extremes to protect ourselves and our children, yet a simple reflective vest adds so much safety for your pet. The night time can be as perilous for pets as for us. So often our children are injured at night by motorists who simply fail to see them. It is actually worse for our pets.

Pets have little sense when it comes to cars and trucks, and simply do not know where to safely cross a street. Often while walking our pets, they simply bolt toward a street or break loose from a leash and could easily head toward traffic. Yes, safety is often overlooked for pets. This pet safety vest is a very inexpensive extra for any pet. Our dog safety vest is great for walking, jogging, hunting, and all other outdoor activities with your pet. Fluorescent orange color with reflective tape provides maximum visibility.

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