Fleece Jacket - Pink/Gray

  • Fuzzy fleece inside and out!
  • Nylon outer is weather and stain resistant.
  • Thick nylon chest protector.
  • Elastic gusseted chest fits wide and small chested dogs.
  • Step in style w/ back closure.

Only Available while Supplies Last. Don't miss out!

Fleece Jacket - Pink/Gray - Size 8
Regular Price - $29.99
Sale Price - $17.99

Give your pet the comfort you expect when you buy a new coat for yourself. Great for around the house or around the block Fuzzy fleece inside and and a protective water resistant and stain resistant outside. Doggles Warm and fuzzy Fleece Jackets has a fleece liner and is Water and stain resistant exterior helps shield them from the elements. Fleece lines around the arm holes and interior for maximum comfort. Doggles fleece jackets features a step-in style with touch-fasten back closure.There is a protective chest fabric made of think nylon that expands for a better fit. Elastic gusseted chest fits wide and small chested dogs. Best of all the jackets are machine washable. With a Doggles Fleece jacket you will be prepared for any weather.

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