Cool IT Dog Cooling Bandana

    • Dog Cooling Bandana is Inexpensive
    • Sleek, Stylish Look
    • Keeps your pet cool for hours
    • Dog Cooling Bandana is Washable
    • Great for hikes and long car rides
    • Edged with reflective tape
    • Dog Cooling Bandana is Reusable

Keep your dog cool this summer with the Cool IT Dog Cooling Bandana.

Cool IT Dog Cooling Bandana - Small (Neck size 8-12")
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Regular Price - $9.99
Sale Price - $6.99
Cool IT Dog Cooling Bandana - Medium (Neck size 12-18")
Regular Price - $11.99
Sale Price - $7.49
Cool IT Dog Cooling Bandana - Large (Neck size 18-25")
Regular Price - $12.99
Sale Price - $8.99

Outward Hound

Cool IT Dog Cooling Bandana Information:

This Dog Cooling Bandana is Very inexpensive, yet very Hi-Tech. The Dog Cooling Bandana is made with non-toxic polymer crystals which absorb up to 30 times their weight and stay cool for several hours. Dogs cannot dissipate heat as we do through sweating. Dogs release heat mainly through heat dissipation when they pant. Often a dog will get so warm that they simply cannot pant hard or fast enough and that can be dangerous for any dog. Dog Bandanas are very popular, so if you are looking for a dog bandana, why not get one that does a little more than just for show. A dog cooling bandana is a functional, healthy and safer choice for your dog.

This cooling bandana for dogs is made with crystals which absorb water. This then acts like a reverse heat pump which helps to remove the heat from the dog, and then dissipates it into the surrounding air. The heat does not always go away at night, so the cooling bandana is edged with reflective tape for visibility of your dog at twilight and night time. As you would expect the dog cooling bandana is reusable and hand-washable.

PetStreetMall offers a large selection of dog cooling products. In addition to this simple and inexpensive cooling bandana, we offer a cooling jacket and a variety of cooling beds for your dog. We know that your dogs comfort, health and safety is important for you, we want you to know that it is important for us as well.

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