Deluxe Pillow Bed with Gusset Suede / Swirl Plush 36" x 27" x 4"

    • Perfect rest spot
    • High loft polyester fiber fill
    • Machine washable
    • Big enough for your pet to stretch out on
Deluxe Pillow Bed with Gusset Suede / Swirl Plush 36" x 27" x 4
Regular Price - $56.99
Sale Price - $39.95

This comfortable large and fluffy pillow bed is great for any size pet. Large enough that they will still be able to really stretch out. All those naps your pet takes will be more restful and relaxing than ever before with this deluxe pillow bed. The cover is easily removable for when you need to wash it so not only is it comfortable but clean too. The Deluxe Pillow Bed with Gusset Suede and Swirl Plush is so enjoyable for your pet to use that it will no longer go for your recliner or spot on the couch because pets just love this deluxe pillow bed with gusset and swirl plush so much. Made from durable high quality materials the deluxe pet bed has been designed to last through anything you can throw at it and remain a comfy cozy napping place for your pet. It is so comfortable you and your kids may find yourselves wanting to cuddle on it with your happy puppy.

Petmate has created yet another fantastic product in this Deluxe Pillow Bed with Gusset and Swirl Plush. It’s soft, comfortable, and pets absolutely love it. What more could you want from a product for your furry family member? Low pricing! Of course, well that is where Pet Street Mall comes in because we do our best to get you every product you could ever want for your pet at the lowest prices possible! If you have any questions about this or other products we sell please call the number listed below and our customer service center will do their best to help you in your shopping with us today!

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