Deluxe Anti-Bark Spray Collar Starter Kit

    • Comes with 3 cans of Spray
    • Effective for small and large breeds of dogs
    • Stain free, hypoallergenic spray is safe and effective
    • 2 Spray levels
    • Ergonomic design
    • See through reservoir with spray level indicator
    • Safe and environmentally friendly
    • Operates on one 3-volt CR2 battery (included)
    • Comes with Citronella Spray
    • Click here to see in action!
Deluxe Anti-Bark Spray Collar Starter Kit
Regular Price - $85.99
Sale Price - $59.95

This system is designed to curb your pet’s incessant barking that can be disturbing for you and your neighbors. It works through the use spray which emits from the collar whenever the pet barks this can confuse your pet at first but over time it will understand that barking causes it to get sprayed. The collar is ergonomic, lightweight, and this unit has a visual reservoir so you can monitor how much spray is left in the unit and can know if your pet has been barking much while you’re not around. Another great feature with this system is that it has two levels of spray for small or large breed dogs.

    Package Contents
  • Spray Bark Control Unit
  • Adjustable Collar
  • 3 cans of Citronella Spray Can
  • One 3-volt CR2 Battery
  • Operating Guide

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