Contech is truley an innovative company for products of pet health and wellness as well as deterrents of pesky critters that are safe and humane without the use of harsh chemicals. While adhering to its commitment to the environment Contech is a leader in innovative design and the manufacture of advanced pet training and animal-control technology. Contech products has been recognized for its award-winning such as the ScareCrow motion-activated sprinkler and the EatBetter and DrinkBetter dog bowls.

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Contech is provider of advanced animal training and control technologies for pets. Thier innovative and technological solutions makes life easier, safer and more humane. Thier commitment to a greener lifestyle that is safe to the enviroment has allowed Contech to produce pet products that are highly awarded.

DrinkBetter Bowls and EatBetter Bowls helps your dog eat and drink more slowly, minimizing many of the health issues associated with fast-paced eating and drinking including indigestion, vomiting and bloating. Contech has designed that the center of the bowls creates an obstacle that prevents gulping or vacuuming behaviors. To help promote healthier eating habits, the EatBetter bowl incorporates a raised wishbone-shaped partition that provides easy access to food, but prevents dogs from gulping their meal too quickly. The Drink Better bowl uses a floating obstacle to control the flow of water, encouraging dogs to drink slower and take only as much as they need, without soaking their ears and muzzles or slopping water around the feeding area. The bowl’s innovative design encourages dogs to eat and drink slower, take smaller mouthfuls, chew more, and avoid overeating.

Scarecrow Automatic Outdoor Animal Deterrent protects your yard, fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and water features from hungry or destructive animal intruders. The Award winning ScareCrow motion-activated sprinkler from Contech automatically detects deer, racoons, heron, dogs and more as they approach, and repels them with a short but startling burst of water. The sudden noise, movement and spray scares animals away, teaching them to avoid the area in future. Works day and night without chemicals or unsightly barriers. Finally a solution to pesky critters that are safe, humane and effective.

CatStop Outdoor Cat Deterrent protects your garden, plants or sandbox without chemicals or fences. When cats come within range, the CatStop automatic outdoor cat deterrent emits a sudden burst of ultrasonic sound at a frequency most humans can't hear. Contech has dsigned to that the sound startles cats, and teaches them to stay away. Installation is easy - just place the CatStop in the garden or outdoor area that you want to protect, and it's ready to go.

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