ScareCrow Sprinkler

Scarecrow Sprinker
    • Harmless blast of water - NO CHEMICALS!
    • Motion Activated Water Sprinkler

    • Conserves water — uses just 2 to 3 cups per deterrence
    • Covers approximately 1200 sq. ft.
    • Detects deer, racoons, heron, cats, dogs, and more
    • No more ugly barriers and fences
    • Links to other

      Contech ScareCrow

      s for an effective water barrier
    • Uses a 9 volt battery (not included)
    • Waterproof
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Contech ScareCrow Motion Activated Water Sprinkler
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ScareCrow Motion Activated Water Sprinkler

is a Safe, Humane Deterrent

You put forth a great deal of effort making your yard a beautiful sanctuary, so of course you’ll want to protect that space and keep wild animals and stray cats and dogs out. There are other methods available such as chemicals or traps but why bother with those methods which require so much work or caution on your part when you could use the Scarecrow Sprinkler. It is also a great choice in neighborhoods where fencing isn’t allowed and you’re always dealing with neighbor’s pets getting into your yard or vegetable garden.

When the Contech ScareCrow Motion Activated Water Sprinkler detects an animal within its 1 meter range it immediately releases a short burst of water that will startle the animal to run away and eventually won’t return to your yard.

Contech's ScareCrow Motion Activated Water Sprinkler is Versatile and Broad-Reaching
The Contech ScareCrow Motion Activated Water Sprinkler is versatile enough to keep deer, rabbits, and other foragers from snacking on plants and bulbs, to prevent dogs from digging up newly seeded lawns, to keep the cat from using your garden as a litter box, and to scare predators like herons and raccoons away from your fish pond.

The ScareCrow's motion detector is powerful enough to guard an area up to 1000 square feet of coverage with a single sprinkler. For added coverage, ScareCrow Sprinklers can be linked in series to guard larger spaces.

Contech's ScareCrow Motion Activated Water Sprinkler has an Efficient Design and is Easy to Use
Setting the Contech ScareCrow Sprinkler up is fast and easy, and doesn't require any special tools. Simply install a standard 9-volt battery, connect the sprinkler to your hose, push the 17-inch stake into ground to secure the unit, and set the adjustable sprinkler arc to cover the area you want protected.

    Contech's ScareCrow Motion Activated Water Sprinkler:
  • Works day and night without chemicals or unsightly barriers.
  • Links to other ScareCrow Sprinklers to form an effective water barrier.
  • Conserves water - uses just 2 to 3 cups per deterrence.
  • Operates for up to 6 months on a single 9 volt battery.

Linking Multiple ScareCrow Water Sprinklers Together to Form a Barrier of Protection

Not recommended to use more than 3

ScareCrow Sprinkler

s on 1 Spigot

ScareCrow Articles
Contech ScareCrow Motion Activated Sprinkler Birds are getting at your fishpond, rodents are ruining your vegetable patch, deer are eating your favorite flowers, or neighborhood cats and dogs using your yard as a litter tray? Do something about it! The ScareCrow Motion Activated Animal Deterrent is a modern-day scarecrow that shoots a spray of water at uninvited critters to scare them away. Thanks to a powerful infrared motion sensor the ScareCrow sprinkler is on duty 24/7 and will ensure your yard is free of intruders. Learn more…

The Most Dangerous Animals for a Garden Everyday, animals rummage through gardens in search of food. But, how do you protect your garden from their advances? The answer is to figure out which animals are attacking and what products can help you protect your garden.

A Look at the Modern Scarecrow Deer, raccoons, heron, cats, dogs and other animals enjoy your garden or farm just as much as you. They enjoy digging up holes, eating fresh food and trampling along your flower beds. Unfortunately, it can be a real pain to protect your hard work. Recently at Pet Street Mall, we took a look at the new ScareCrow Sprinkler system that is designed to keep out pesky rodents and curious critters. Check out our review Here

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