Jungle Gym

  • High quality materials
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Stands a tremendous 65" Tall
  • 2 Foot by 3 foot base for stability
  • Provides a place for your cat to scratch, saving your furniture
  • Ships for Free!
Jungle Gym
65" Tall and 24" x 36" base
Regular Price - $534.99
Sale Price - $373.95

Check out this amazing spectacle of cat furniture engineering brilliance. This cat perch has it all. Horizontal and vertical tunnels make great hiding places and cozy homes. Cradles make great loungers, providing a comfy place to while the day away. Beds abound, on top and bottom, providing excellent vatage points and ideal spots for catnapping and soaking up sun. All this, PLUS an excellent alternative to your cat scratching your furniture!

Give your place plenty of space to have fun with the 5-Tier Cat Scratching Post by Molly and Friends. Perfect for a quiet catnap or a busy afternoon with some friends, this piece of cat furniture will not disappoint any cat. Available in a variety of colors you can find the perfect match for any home. Create a unique look by mixing and matching the colors of the parts and posts.


  • 4" solid untreated heart of pine core posts
  • Includes one 2 foot section of wrapped sisal rope on one post
  • Parts include cat bed, cradle, tunnel, and cave
  • Guaranteed not to tip, strong enough for multiple cats
  • Dimensions: 66" H x 36" W x 24" D
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