Cat Allergy Relief

    • Allergy Relief from Cats 16 fl. oz.
    • Cat Allergy Relief Reduces dander and other allergens
    • Cat Allergy Relief Reduces allergens that cause people to have allergic reactions around cats
    • Simply apply Allergy Relief to your Cat as directed and watch your allergies go away
Allergy Relief from Cats 16 fl. oz.
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Allergy Relief from Cats is a non-toxic formulation of proteins and natural conditioners that help control cat dander by sealing the hair shaft, neutralizing the allergen (dander) and removing dead hair. Allergy Relief from Cats pH is adjusted for application on pets.

Bramton tested their Allergy relief Products; 209 people who were allergic to their pets, were tested over a nine month period. Of these, more than 75% showed a reduction in their allergic reactions to their pets. The remaining 25% showed no change. There were no adverse reactions experienced by any of the 209 people or their pets. Bramton used a controlled substance on 40 of the 209 people of which 30% showed a reduction in their allergic reactions. We recommend that your pet be at least 10 - 12 weeks of age before you start use with solution.

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