Booster Bath Dog Bath

Booster Bath
    • Durable, Lightweight & Portable!
    • 360° Access and a U-Shaped Entrance
    • Great for Indoor or Outdoor Use
    • Rubber No-Slip Mat, Drain Hose, and Shampoo Cady
    • Rubber Bumpers on legs keeps Booster Bath stationary
    • Adjustable Restraint System with Quick Snap Collar
    • Stainless Steel Components
    • On Sale Now at 30% Off + FREE SHIPPING!

    Made in USA

The Booster Bath Saves your back, Saves on space, & Saves your time!
Durable, Lightweight & Portable! UV Stabilized, designed to leave outdoors!

Booster Bath Dog Bath Medium
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Sale Price - $129.00
Booster Bath Dog Bath Large

Regular Price - $212.99
Sale Price - $149.00
Booster Bath Tropical Shower with Hook
Regular Price - $70.99
Sale Price - $49.00
Booster Bath Steps
Regular Price - $85.99
Sale Price - $59.95

The Booster Bath includes a 3-point adjustable leash restraint system with adjustable quick-snap release collar that will keep your dog comfortably contained at bath time. With a 3/8" thick rubberized non-slip mat there is no stressful slipping and sliding when you use the Booster Bath. The Booster Bath also has a 1" diameter 5-foot drain hose that allows you to wash in one area and discharge water in another, so you stay dry. The Booster Bath and legs are ¼" thick and are produced from 100% virgin UV stabilized Poly Propylene for long life and durability.

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Tired of chasing your dog for a bath? We have the perfect solution for you, the revolutionary Booster Bath! The Booster Bath is a one of a kind

dog bath tub

. Both the tub and legs on the Booster Bath are constructed of 1/4" thick ultra violet stabilized high density polyethylene for longer life and increased durability. The Large Booster Bath is both lightweight and portable, only weighing 16 pounds. The Large Booster Bath is capable of supporting up to 150 pounds. The Medium Booster bath weighs 12 pounds and can support any pet up to 75 pounds. The Booster Bath utilizes a rubberized non slip mat that is 3/8" thick for durability and long life, eliminating any slipping and sliding. This greatly reduces stress for both you and your dog during bath time.

The Booster Bath shampoo caddy holds shampoo, conditioner, and brush for your convenience. Rubber grips attached to the bottom of the legs keep Booster Bath from slipping as your dog enters or exits. The Booster Bath spray nozzle has an on/off dial to control water flow and hooks handily on the rim of the tub for quick retrieval. Dial a gentle flow on the Booster Bath spray nozzle for eyes and face and brisk heavy flow for the rest of the body. Buy Now and Save Today on the Booster Bath from Pet Street Mall. We have the Lowest Prices and Free Shipping on orders over $50.

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Booster Bath Steps

Booster Bath Articles
Product Review – The ‘Booster Bath’ Dog Bath If you have an outdoor dog or a feisty Fido who loves to roll around and get messy, then doggie bath time comes around all too often. You don’t like having to wash your dog and he doesn’t like it either; it’s time consuming, it hurts your back and it’s messy. So all in all washing the dog is an event that’s always a chore, never a pleasure. Until now…

The Booster Bath makes washing your pets every bit as easy as they make it seem at the dog grooming salon. By raising the dog to a manageable height, securing it in place so it won’t move around, the Booster Bath gives you 360-degree access with both hands to quickly and effortlessly wash your pooch

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