Bergan develops active-lifestyle solutions for dog and cat consumers. Bergan offers affordable pet supplies for both cat and dogs. They develop products that are creative and innovative and meet the any expectations a dog or cat owner may have. The overall design of Bergan products combine the elements of style and simplicity.

Bergan Pet

Feeders and Waterers as well as Bergan Storage are innovative in design and makes the life of pet owners easier. More great

Bergan Pet Supplies

include cat toys, dog carriers, beds, leashes and products for traveling with your pet. With innovative design of simplicity we are confident in

Bergan Pet Products

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Bergan Articles

Healthier Happier Pets Through Better Nutrition "You are what you eat" is as true about your pets as it is about you. If your pet isn't getting the right amount of nutrients from its diet it can lead to joint-related issues and an increased susceptibility to illness. Not content with producing some of the finest pet accessories available, Bergan decided to produce the best pet nutritional supplements too, and it has developed the Prudence range of supplements. Learn more here...

Bergan Will Provide Your Pet with a Safe Environment Currently, Bergan Pet Products is a company that is paving the way by setting industry standards. Their products are aimed at ensuring that pets are healthy and safe, and Bergan offers a wide array of products that are all making this possible. Here at Pet Street Mall, we have all of the information that you need about Bergan and their products. Learn more here...

5 Ways Pets Improve Our Health We all know that our pets make us happy, but modern studies are showing that our pets can also make us healthier as well. Our friends at Bergan recently featured an article highlighting 4 ways a pet can make you feel fitter, but we wanted to go a step further and see what the doctors had to say. Find out the fascinating ways our pets positively affect our health. Learn More...

Carrying Your Pets in Comfort Travel has become a large part of many of our lives. Business trips, cross-country flights, holiday season get-togethers, cruise vacations; it all adds up to a lot of travelling. Make airline and cruise travel easier on yourself and your pet with a comfortable pet carrier, or if you're taking a road trip make sure to have the pet travel products that will make the journey pleasant for your furry friends. Find out about Bergan pet travel products hereā€¦

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