DogTek Bark Control Collar

    • 3 Adjustable Modes
    • Warning Beeps
    • Easy-to-adjust Collar
    • Replaceable Battery (6 months autonomy)
    • Lightweight (3 oz)
    • Weatherproof
    • Lifetime Limited Warranty
DogTek Bark Control Collar
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Excessive barking driving you and your neighbor’s crazy? Even though barking is a normal thing when it becomes a constant occurrence it needs to be corrected. The DOGTEK BC-60 uses sound beeps together with weak electrical impulses to provide and effective way to train your pet to no longer bark. With roughly 6 months of use from its battery you’re liable to have a couple pets trained before the battery is close to needing replacement.Small and lightweight with 3 adjustable correction modes the BC-60 will work with any size pet and can be customized to perform well with whatever their temperament may be. Don’t forget that you can use the bark sensitivity dial to adjust the intensity level for the collars corrections. Even though when you look at the collar and its small size it works well on your bigger pets like a German Shepard for example will respond positively to using the BC-60 system just like a Beagle or Corgi might. Keep in mind that every pet is different and just because your Corgi responds well to training a certain way doesn’t mean your Beagle will. This is why DOGTEK designed the system to be adjustable, you want to start low and work up for each pet so the system is not going to be too startling for them. Weatherproof and with a Limited Lifetime Warranty the BC-60 from DOGTEK is such a great choice for correcting your pet’s poor barking habits giving you a happy quiet home. Be sure to check out the link below to see all the great contents you get when purchasing the DOGTEK BC-60 Anti Bark Collar.

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